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City State of the Invincible Overlord -- Kicktraq Mini
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Judges Guild is proud to launch it's third website, Judgesguild.org! We hope to allow our customers, fans, and Guild Members alike to better see what we have to offer! Expect more to come from the company that started it all!

Feel free to check out the JG section of Necromancer's Forum!

Be sure to visit Judgesguild.com!

Judges Guild dot Com

  • Bill Owen, the co-founder of Judges Guild, has written an excellent history of the Judges Guild through his company GameDesign. And look at our JG merchandise at Cafe Press!

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Look to Bernhardt Publishing for our new City-State of the Sea Kings!
Goodman Games is your source for adventures!View our JG-Goodman product line!
  03/24/14 - The City State Kickstarter!     JG Universal Products  
JG PDF's on OneBookShelf.com
07/13/13 - CSSK Released! Bill Owen's JG Merchandise
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