Judges Guild

About Us

Founded on Independence Day, in America’s Bi-Centennial Year, 1976, we have published and manufactured games and playing-aids spanning many genres. First known as the Fantasy Specialists for our creation of the first role-playing world setting – the Wilderlands, the City State of the Invincible Overlord, our campaign maps, and other products like First Fantasy Campaign and Wilderlands of High Fantasy, our innovations and designs, such as the invention of the Critical Hit factor, have influenced nearly all game platforms; while our products have reached every country of the world since 1984. We have created computer games, miniatures, strategic war-games, science-fiction adventure modules, and assisted in the development of online adventure gaming. We currently are updating our original product line to make our classic titles newly available again, in print, to a fresh generation of game enthusiasts. Judges Guild is a family-owned business, and the Bob Bledsaw family is sincerely thankful for the faithful Guild-members and Fans who have supported us over the years. We look forward to serving their campaigns with both proven-classic and new materials in the future! – Bob Bledsaw II